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  • Saba Al-Mahadin

Void is the Key

I love reading as long as it is not more than 10 pages.  You see, details only matter to me if they sum up the idea, but dragging that idea over tens of pages to the point that the readers lose their sense of judgement and unconsciously end up taking sides, that is what I call bias intention orchestrated by the author in the name of showing all sides of a story. Such manner of introducing scenes, characters, and conversations deprive the reader from using his intelligence to fill in the blanks so that he could use the content not only for entertainment but for learning and enlightenment purposes.

For someone who believes in the power of wild imagination, I consider myself a fortunate person who has had enough curiosity to dull the mind and listen to the sounds of the echoes within and without. One can never get a response if you never talk to the blank before you. This blank is the lucky charm that can allow you as many trials as you choose to undertake, as many challenges as you will to tame and as many choices as you promise to embrace.

We build a life of narratives that are entangled in the web of constant creation, indefinite alterations and crowded motions. Then we wake up to the sound of our conscious questioning us about our early acceptance of what’s served on our plates, our dismissal of the inner urge to look further, and our silence towards the aching itch to scratch the façade.

Blank is like faith; It is hard to find solace in something you don’t see but it is better to find meaning in something you feel. Believing in the creation before the creator, appreciating the magic of what you see will lead you to finding peace in knowing there are forces behind such magic which is called the void.

To have faith just “because” will not provide you with the answers to your quest but being a raw soul and filling it up along the way will lead you to get a closer and profound glimpse of the creator. Many people blame the creator for their setbacks or demand rewards simply because in their mind it is his job to offer goodness and fill the emptiness inside.

The dilemma is that people seek answers to which they are not ready to comprehend nor equipped to process nor eligible to defeat. A quest should be a void one that you will fill with abstracts along the way armoured with authentic feelings.

We gain along the way more than we lose if we think of it. The trick is to understand that…

  •  You don’t come out stronger; you simply bring out the long-lost childlike existence that enjoyed things, trusted the process and others, and allowed the imagination to run wild,

  • You never come out different; you simply bring out the long-buried soul, the being that believed in the power of magic, chased the mysteries, and embraced the complex simplicity of life.


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