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  • Saba Al-Mahadin

The World Spoke to Me

Updated: Jan 14

There is an inside joke among my family and friends about how I catch up with what I want and the moment I am about to bless the long-awaited encounter, I tend unintentionally to overrun it and keep speeding ahead believing that the thing will eventually catch up with me instead, but let us be clear here: it never did, never does and surely never will. I am in simple words a very impatient person and I want to meet my end-goal at the starting line.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the sweat, blood and tears but I am just too excited which makes the waiting an “unfair” part of the journey.

We blame the world for almost everything and everyone. After all, the world is the “home” that gives birth to successes and losses, love and hate, compassion and indifference. It is the womb that carries us for as long as we live but loves us on one condition: we ought to serve it well. In other words, not to be a servant but a master and a protector of its offerings. It is not really a relation you can call reciprocal because the world does not die or wither if we turn our backs on it but it is us who will suffer, despise and struggle the moment we choose to go against it.

We might think this is a selfish act since we have been taught that you need to give to receive, but we dig up our own holes when we give only to demand from the world, only to conquer the world, and only to manipulate the natural existence of a place that has been here long before us and will remain long after we leave. The problem is not that we don’t understand ourselves; it is that we don’t want to understand the role the world plays in us. The world not as a place but as other human beings, as objects around, and as any living thing that breathes.   

The world at large is not too concerned with nor focused on what and how we do things. Life’s wheels are spinning at the same pace every day but we tend to assume that there is a mysterious power and a greedy force that are turning our wheels so we keep pushing and pushing wanting to keep up or otherwise we will miss our chance to live.

Sometimes you simply need a break from your own self because as much as you think the world is draining or haunting or even challenging you, in reality it is us who are burdening our bodies, minds and souls. We are suffocating our dreams, scaring our goals, and suppressing our urge. 

At 45, I took off my “running” shoes and listened to what the world has to say about life, time and self:


  1. You will miss your chances when you circle more

  2. You will miss your goals when you rush more

  3. You will miss your times when you race more

  4. You will miss your life when you wish more


  1. Never waste your time proving

  2. Never invest your time fitting

  3. Never fence your time compromising

  4. Never adjust your time pacing


  1. Don’t only self-love upon validation

  2. Don’t only self-work only upon challenges

  3. Don’t only self-understand upon doubting

  4. Don’t only self-embrace upon achieving

Your time is your worth, use it for you and step away from yourself to breathe in life, breathe in the world, and breathe in the living.

Take off the “running” shoes and be enveloped by the aesthetic of the world you live in.


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