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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

Updated: Jan 14

I have lived my life by a simple understanding: I have a choice. My parents never taught me that, my friends never showed me that, and my society never encouraged that. My curiosity has been the key factor in believing that life comes with options and am still yet to explore them and take the pick that feeds my soul.

Such powerful belief has made me a person who never gets attached to things or people; I mean I invest all my power while they are part of my life but once we part ways for one reason or another, they become a distant memory that rarely, if ever, crosses my mind. I am not indifferent; I am simply practical long before I understood destiny or fate or whatever the reasons those things or people had to cross paths with me or the purpose their presence was serving.

Life as a whole comes in different eras and that is the heart of the matter that one has to understand to move forward from any chapter in their lives to the next. Unfortunately, we collide with our destinies every second, we look them in the eye, and as they show us who we are we try to knock them down because scattered pieces of glass are more comforting than a whole intact reflection of our weary and doubtful souls.

Predestined is the common belief among the majority of people and the most misunderstood concept. You see, whatever choice one takes will undoubtedly get him somewhere that already exists before he made the choice to seek it. Destiny can be a place, or a person, or a feeling that was born the same time you were granted a chance in this life. For that reason, we have so many destinies and so many moments of fate and it all goes back to us to seek them, dismiss them or test them to gain the life we want for ourselves.

We spend our lives attached to a goal, a passion, or a purpose. We shed the tears, we clean the blood and wipe the sweat off believing that we are moulding our destiny, we are meeting our fate and we are living our reasons, only to be met by the finish line and the whistle that rings in the new era. We beg for an extra hour, we rush for an easy manoeuvre, and we pray for a miracle.

The irony is that no matter how high the efforts are, we are never free or light until we separate the flow from the residue; vague purpose, unfulfilled passion, missed dreams which are all good but they are somehow rooting us on some surfaces that will only demand our presence away from our existence as free spirits. Blood, sweat and tears are not signs of hard work, they are means to free our souls from tainted perceptions, muddy reflections and haunted realities. They are the judge of our decisions, our choices and our demands. For that reason, we need to ask ourselves:

  • Are we really seeking answers to our questions or justifications to our actions?

  • Are our journeys meant to enlighten us or equip us with tools to outdo others?

  • Did we fail life as human or did we succeed as tools?

My purpose is to know how I can serve my own self the best possible way without placing so much on how others are serving a purpose in my life.  My purpose is my journey.


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